Cost Effective Ball Containment

Ball stop netting provides a cost effective solution for pitch/site ball containment thus keeping the ball in play ensuring minimum play stoppage. We provide both made to measure, project planned and retrofit sports pitch and perimeter ball stop netting. Our ball stop netting is produced to the very latest specifications and standards and  installed using our own proven systems by our highly experienced teams. We supply domestic and commercial clients as well as schools and colleges.Typically ball stop netting has an either 100mm x 100mm or 50mm x 50mm net aperture dependent on application and is constructed from a strong and durable, knot-less, weather resistant, coloured polypropylene.Integrating with an existing fencing system using our unique post extension system (pictured right) , net heights can increase a framework standard fence from 4.5m up to a staggering 10m supported by struts, braces and high tension line wires.The sky is the limit regarding application. Suitable for all sports including Football pitches and training areas, Rugby pitches and training areas, Golf courses / Driving ranges, Hockey pitches and training areas, Tennis courts and training areas, Schools Parks Play areas and MUGAs (Multi use games areas).

Perimeter Ball-Stop

Multi- SystemBall stop netting is a perfect solution for pitch perimeters especially in urban areas where pitch activity containment is essential. The polypropylene netting offers low visual obscurity and can be supplied in various colours to help blend and canbe installed up to 10m in height.

Multi System Netting

A muti-system is where ball stop netting, steel pitch fencing and sound control acoustic fencing are combined to create a total solution. Often used in urban areas to comply with local planning requirements. Ball stop netting and acoustic fencing can be added as a bespoke retrofit to existing pitches.