As a pitch facility becomes established so too does its popularity which, inturn can cause security and access issues. Closed pitches can appear as a tantilising hangout and in some cases the target for high value sports equipment. A 45º outward facing crank post extension is used to act as a visual and physical deterant against unauthorised access. As in the photos featured, cranked panels can be matched to existing panels but also have the capability to mount barbed / razor wire for increased security.

Visual & Physical Deterant

Panel or Wire Options

Corner & End Panel Details

BS Standard Compliance

Cost Effective

Retro-Fit Options

Other Applications

Forming part compliance with the British Standard 1722 Part 10 (Anti-Intruder Fences) cranked posts offer a cost effective security retro-fit upgrade or first fit specification to any facility.In some cases, where anti-climb fencing us used as a perimeter fence other options include a ‘Y’ shaped extension that can accommodate coiled barb / razor wire and rolling anti-climb systems.If you have any questions regarding security fencing upgrades a member of our team will be happy to guide you.