Timber acoustic barrier system fencing, installed to British Standards, reduces the impact of of high dB activites. By partially absorbing, reflecting and deflecting travelling sound waves the resulting sound is changed in its amplitude and wavelength toward more acceptable levels.

The design profile of this system has been carefully developed to locate the boards in such a way that eliminates gaps that sound will easily travel through, even when the boards shrink and expand with changes in weather / temperature.

Timber acoustic fencing is often used to control traffic noise on motorways and is proven to reduce the frequencies of sound that, when continual, can be a nuisance. This type of timber acoustic fence is often installed around sports pitches in urban areas to reduce the impact of social noise on residents.

Overlap Boarding 12KG/Sq.m. Specifications

• Heights of up to 6 meters

• Certified to: BS EN 1794-1:2003 and BS EN 1793-1:1998 / BS EN 1793-2:1998

• Noise reduction of up to 30dB (subject to assessment).

• 150x22mm vertical boards with 75x22mm cover strips.

• 250x47mm Gravel boards, 100x47mm horizontal support rails.

• Timber or Steel RSJ posts.

• Pedestrian & Vehicular gates available.